During a phone consultation, we learn as much as possible about your vision and talk through the details of your video shoot.  We discuss your options and present a video package based on your scope.  We answer your questions. We think through your needs. And we determine the best way to move forward with you.  In person consultations are provided depending on the scope and location of your project.


We work internally planning your video and coordinating all aspects with you. On the day of a shoot, we help prep you and/or your staff. We coach you on video presentation skills and tweak any parts of the plan needed. We discuss shot set ups, review your script, and put a plan together to accomplish all aspects of your video, lighting, audio and storyline.

Video Shoot

This is the day you have been waiting for! We come and film your video on location or in-house in our studio. We bring our A Game, our cameras, our lights and mics. We can shoot for a half day or a full day if needed. We film all aspects of your video on this day. We do everything to make the process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

Post Production

We take all of your raw footage back to our video production center. We review it. We cut it. And we put it together in a creative way. We present it back to you ready-to-use.  After any edits, your web video is delivered to you and you can start video marketing!